Join the organization of beer drinkers, for beer drinkers, dedicated to beer drinkers! Noted Beerologist, Elmo B. Sudz, D.B. (Doctor of Beerology), cordially invites you to take this test...

  • are you a dedicated beer drinker?
  • is beer your cup of tea?
  • is beer your preference in alcoholic beverages?
  • are you concerned about the image of beer drinkers in general?
  • do you on occasion enjoy relaxing with a beer?
  • does the rich, full flavour of beer flick your switch?
  • do you have a sense of humour?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions and you are of legal drinking age, you are a prime candidate for the CANADIAN BEER DRINKERS' ALLIANCE.

Elmo Sudz, founder of the CBDA, has spent his entire adult life in the quest to better the lot of the beer drinking fraternity, and now you have the opportunity to reap the benefits of his work.

You have an opportunity to become part of the fastest growing organization in Canada today. An organization devoted to elevating beer drinkers to new heights. An organization determined to show the world that beer drinkers really do have more fun. Your membership in the Canadian Beer Drinkers' Alliance could well be one of the most significant achievements in your life. Don't hesitate. Don't wait. JOIN NOW!