The Bachelor of Beerology Program reflects a long term goal of Elmo's to provide the membership with the opportunity for the kind of professional development that has long existed in other fields.
Through the creation of the CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF BEEROLOGY, beer drinkers can finally have access to the kind of professional status that has eluded them for too long.

As students of the FACULTY OF ALE AND LAGER, beer drinkers can excel in their chosen field of BEEROLOGY. They can, perhaps for the first time, finally gain some recognition for their beer drinking achievements through the BACHELOR OF BEEROLOGY PROGRAM.

Elmo’s simple home study program is designed with comfort in mind. Candidates may cover the prescribed course of study and write the final exam at their leisure in their own homes. Study group sessions, enhanced by the stimulating power of beer, can be organized to facilitate the learning process.

The completed exam may then be mailed to Elmo at the Canadian Institute of Beerology main campus. For a modest fee of $14.50 to cover the costs of TUITION, marking, processing and postage, Elmo will personally evaluate your exam and award the prestigious BACHELOR of BEEROLOGY DEGREE.

You will then receive by return mail a beautiful, personalized, 8 ½ x 11, LAMINATED, suitable for framing BACHELOR of BEEROLOGY CERTIFICATE featuring the official embossed gold seal of the Canadian Beer Drinkers’ Alliance, as well as your marked exam and a LAMINATED wallet sized STUDENT of BEEROLOGY I.D. card.

*Unfortunately at this point in time the Canadian Institute of Beerology is not recognized as an accredited post secondary institution. An obvious oversight that needs to be corrected!