Important Moments in C.B.D.A History

These examples have been randomly selected from the C.B.D.A. archives.

October 13, 1987 – President G. Zimmersmann becomes first official card carrying member of the C.B.D.A.

November 19, 1987 – Executive Vice President Ken S. of Pefferlaw creates the first official C.B.D.A. letterhead and uses it in a letter to Elmo.

December 27, 1987 – Having just received his C.B.D.A. membership as a Christmas gift, President Barry S. initiates the first official affirmative action program by refusing to eat the rum pudding unless beer is added.

July 3, 1996 – President and co-founder Seymour Sudz effectively uses his C.B.D.A. membership card as one piece of identification at a border crossing in Sault Ste. Marie.

June 1, 2002 – C.B.D.A. web site is officially launched. Mrs. Sudz christens the new web site by breaking a bottle of beer over the computer. Unfortunately the monitor is badly damaged in the process.