Elmo will apply his vast repertoire of problem solving skills to assist members of the Canadian Beer Drinkers'; Alliance as they struggle with life's little dilemmas. He realizes that it will be an impossibility to address all of the world's problems at once, therefore, will tackle only a few at a time. Other members may be experiencing problems similar to those being dealt with and will benefit from Elmo's wisdom.

Members are invited to seek Elmo's advice by e-mailing their questions directly to C.B.D.A. headquarters.

The "Elmo's Cooking Corner" section features Elmo's favourite beer inspired recipes. Members are also invited to submit their favourite recipes to C.B.D.A.

"C.B.D.A. History" briefly notes important moments in Canadian Beer Drinkers'; Alliance History.

The "Testimonials" section shows member testimonials describing how the Canadian Beer Drinkers' Alliance has improved their lives.

The "Glossary of Terms" section contains a listing of technical terms relating to beer drinking and their definitions.