Before joining the C.B.D.A. my life was extremely dull. Thanks to the C.B.D.A. nothing has changed except I have a really nice hat.
− Randy in Windsor

I used to hear voices. They would tell me to do things. Then I joined the C.B.D.A. and I hardly ever hear them anymore.
− Cory F. in Sudbury

My membership in the C.B.D.A. has certainly brought me up to speed. I suddenly realized there is a wonderful exciting world out there and I can be a part of it. Next week I’m selling the Edsel.

− Willard in Edmonton

Thanks a lot! It was bad enough when all my husband did was spend his free time lying around the house watching T.V. and drinking beer, however, since he joined your organization he expects everyone in the house to address him as Mr. President.

− Edna in Elmira